Vaporizing Vs Reducing Nicotine Consumption

Apr 14, 2021 by brown479

Vaporizing Vs Reducing Nicotine Consumption

It’s quite funny the way the vapors and vaporized liquids in e-cigarette devices are called Vaping Health. It really makes you think, doesn’t it? I mean to state that vapors emitted by these products are not harmful to anyone, and yet these people are so opposed to them they are creating a big deal out of nothing. Yet, another exemplory case of how we are all very caught up in fashion and style yet do nothing to promote good health. Not long ago, I wrote an article relating to this topic and I was shocked at just how many e-cigarette users, online, on blogs, etc, were defending their usage.

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I realize that not everyone smokes, or is really a non-smoker, but for those people who are this is a clear misrepresentation of reality. And I’m not just talking about the fact that there are a great number of e-cigs that appear to be cigarettes but aren’t actually created from tobacco products at all. I am also upset by the comments created by these people who defend this, claiming that it’s safer than smoking. It is not safe to you or even to your children, and yet they are the people that are very sure that vaporizing does not affect you or your loved ones in any way.

I’m absolutely certain that vaporizing is a wonderful solution to enjoy your e- cigarettes, nevertheless, you should be aware of the truth that it has far more harmful ingredients than other tobacco products. The things that are employed in vaporizing products have the propensity to severely irritate and poison your system. Some of the popular irritants include acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, hydrocarbons, dioxins, ethyl carbons, tars, and phenols. Most of these chemical agents when breathing daily as time passes can lead to serious health issues including cancer. So, why are these folks so opposed to e-cigs, when the long term harm that comes with smoking is just simply not true?

Some individuals claim to take into account the health risks connected with E-Cigarette technology, but really they are only worried about medical risks which come from smoking tobacco products. They appear to be completely blind to the truth that all those celebrities and television personalities that are always talking about how great their new product is really only concerned with appearance and their ego. The truth is that vaporizing is simply much less good as smoking. E-Cigarettes are simply not a safe treatment for the issue of quitting smoking.

If there is truly a safe way to quit smoking, we’d never hear of anything called “e-juice”, since it would not be on any product that’s available today. E-Cigarette technology continues to be evolving. Most vaporizing devices are only able to produce a little bit of nicotine, in comparison to traditional cigarettes. This little bit of nicotine is extremely problematic for the body to handle. Also, some vaporizing products have been discovered to contain dangerous chemicals and toxic metals.

Not only is the threat of E-Cigarette associated with overall health, but gleam much higher risk with regards to developing cancer. Many cancer causing chemicals and metals are discovered when E-Cigarette manufacturers test their products on animals. This is the reason it really is so important that children who are trying to quit Vape smoking do not use vaporizing devices at all. It’ll be best for them to stick to the original cigarettes.

The problem with regulating E-Cigarettes at the national level, or the federal level for that matter, is that they do not know what the long term effects are going to be. The key reason why the FDA attemptedto ban them this year 2010, is because these were unaware of any longterm health effects associated with E-Cigarette technology. Unfortunately, our government will not know what the future effects will be, either. Only time will reveal if the ban was successful or not. So far, the jury continues to be out.

For the record, I’m in full support of regulating E-Cigarettes, given that they remain regulated the way they are currently. Given that they stay regulated, I really do not see how vaporizers can be stopped. In fact, I see them because the solution to the issue of quitting smoking cigarettes. If you’re after a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, consider vaporizing rather than smoking. You’ll enjoy a better, healthier life.